Meet Annie - Professional pie slinger by day, badass mama at night. We visited Annie to find out a little more about the balance of pie making and toddler wrangling. We got to see her in action, whipping up delicious mini pies (ridiculously cute!) and hanging with her awesome 3 year old son, Auggie (also ridiculously cute)! Each and every palm sized pie is carefully filled and baked with rainbows, sunshine and magic - well, at least they look & taste that way. Watching Auggie hang with his mom, under baking racks, doing his thing while his mama works cool and collected above him, was awesome. I loved spending time with these two and it was super rad seeing Annie make the best pies around!

Here's a little Q & A with Annie!

How long have you lived in Portland? Cumulatively, 15 years! I moved here in 1999, moved away for art school for a bit, and came back in 2001.

What is the best part about making mini pies? Seeing people's faces and reaction when they eat them. Totally the best! Also seeing hundreds of identical, adorable tiny pies all lined up like an army of sweetness is pretty rad too.

How has living in Portland influenced you as a pie maker? Oh man, how has it not?? I grew up in a restaurant, but Portland (for the most part) fosters the DIY, pull yourself up by your bootstraps work ethic. We're in a perfect geographic location for accessing amazing produce and food products. The cool thing about Portland right now, is that the food industry is so creative, so all encompassing, and pretty welcoming and supportive of people who are self taught, as long as you can prove that you have a good product and can work hard. And the community is very receptive and supportive of local food businesses. I feel fortunate to be doing what I'm doing in this time and place.

What is your favorite breakfast spot in Portland? I live near the Cricket Cafe on SE Belmont and love their skillets. I like that they don't do anything crazy, just a solid, super consistent breakfast joint. But, I daydream about brunch at Tasty n Sons. I also have a three year old, so I don't get out as much as I'd like. Womp womp!

Top 3 things you have learned from running your business? 1. Moms run shit. 2. I'm actually sort of using my art degree! Whaaat?? 3. If I can do this, I can do anything.

Give a quick snapshot of your typical work day. After rallying the kiddo through breakfast and to school, I get to the kitchen, respond to emails, check my inventory and production sheet, place food orders, get the kitchen ready for production, and (depending on the day) make/portion/form/bake 4 different types of pie crusts usually around 500, chop/bake fruit fillings, make giant batches of ganache/caramel/other fillings and toppings, try to remember to eat and drink water, clean up/dishes, rush to pick up the kiddo from preschool, make dinner, bedtime, pass out, do it all again the next day...

If you could do anything in the world right now, what would it be? Take a nap? Just kidding! Either go on a national food tour (SF, LA, Chicago, NYC, Seattle, also Vancouver BC) or a desert road trip. Dessert road trip isn't a bad idea either, haha! 


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May 11, 2015 by Cora >>

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